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The owner of this townhouse has a number of attractive options for making full use of their weeks. This would include personal use or use by friends and family members, trading weeks internally with other owners, or trading weeks with companies such as Interval International or San Francisco Exchange. Since you would be trading a large premium resort property, you would be entitled to exchange for some of the best 5 star resorts all over the world. Another income-producing option is to rent the weeks yourself or have a local management company rent it for you. Because of a choice corner location with privacy and excellent views, this particular unit can rent for over $1,300 per night for peak weeks such as Christmas or New Years.

Another advantage of this particular unit is that it may be purchased either as an eighth share (6 weeks per year) or a quarter share (12 weeks per year). Financing is available either through the current owner or from a local bank (www.alpinebank.com).


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Remaining 2016 Availability

October 6-13
November 21-28
November 28-Dec 5

Distant View of the Townhome